Growing Gorillas

Martial arts can be an excellent way for children to develop, both mentally and physically, as well as to cultivate an enjoyment of sport. We believe that the lessons learned through martial arts can benefit a person long beyond their childhood. Self respect, discipline, kindness to others, and dedication are just part of the ethos behind SBG which we try to pass on to our young members. Our Growing Gorillas program has proved to be a massive success across other SBG gyms, and we believe the young people will enjoy it just as much here in Tallaght.

At SBG Tallaght we split childrens classes into three different age categories or 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs, and 13-17yrs. To find out more information or to secure a place for your child, contact our team at or by phone at 087 454 1195, or using the contact form below.

SBG can be a great place for young students to benefit from personal development and enjoyment of Sport. As part of this participation, members must remember it is their responsibility to treat others with fairness and respect. At SBG there is a signup procedure whereby our young members and their parents will agree to a Code of Conduct, as well as to other policies within our gym or national governing bodies where applicable. Please take the time using the links below to read our Student & Parent Codes of conduct, as well as our disciplinary procedures.

Please click the relevant photo below for a PDF version of our codes of conduct.